How freelancers find clients on LinkedIn – 2 Tips from a $0 to $100k Freelancer

Do you know that LinkedIn has over 770 million users and more than 61 million companies listed? It is a goldmine for freelancers looking to supercharge their careers. In this blog post, we’ll explore two powerful strategies to effectively leverage LinkedIn for finding freelance opportunities.

1. The Front Door Method: Searching for Jobs

When it comes to finding leads on LinkedIn, the first strategy is the “Front Door Method.” This involves searching for relevant job opportunities. For example, if you’re a video editor, you can start by searching for video editing jobs on LinkedIn. To narrow down your search to freelance opportunities, select “remote jobs.

You’ll find various job listings matching your criteria, including details about the position, such as pay and benefits. Many listings even offer the convenience of easy application through LinkedIn.

2. The Back Door Method: Targeting Companies

The “Back Door Method” focuses on targeting companies that hire freelance professionals. To begin, use keywords like “freelance video editor” and set the location, like the United States, which often has a high demand for freelancers.

Next, filter the company size to a sweet spot, typically between 11 to 50 employees. This range often indicates small to midsized businesses that are more likely to hire freelance talent.

Now, explore the profiles of individuals working for these companies. Look for freelance video editors and note the companies they’ve worked with. You can approach these companies directly to offer your services. Pay attention to their HR or marketing departments, as they are more likely to be the key contact points for hiring freelancers.

Effective Email Outreach

If you prefer to reach out to potential clients via email, follow these steps:

  • Use email generation tools to find contact information.
  • Craft a well-structured message that introduces yourself and highlights your skills and experience.
  • Make your email personalized and specific to the recipient’s needs.
  • Use a professional and concise subject line.
  • Avoid spammy language and attachments that might trigger spam filters.
  • Send emails at the right time and day to increase your chances of getting noticed.


LinkedIn is a powerful platform for freelancers to discover new opportunities and clients. By combining the Front Door and Back Door methods, along with effective email outreach, you can unlock a world of freelance possibilities. Don’t wait for jobs to be posted; take the outbound approach and proactively reach out to potential clients. Your freelancing career is just a LinkedIn connection away!

Watch the video below for a deeper understanding of the client’s perspective.

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Author: Tope Tester